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Do you know that tongue piercings and mouth jewelry can negatively impact your oral health? An object repeatedly bumping against your teeth can do damage. So, if you are thinking about piercing your tongue, you should take to your dentist about the risks to your dental health.

First of all, infections can from piercing itself, and in the teeth, gums, lungs and throughout the body leading to a variety of health problems. Before you have your tongue or lips pierced, you need to make certain that the body piercer is following the proper procedures for sterilization of instruments and infection control. Talk with your dentist or your local health department before you decide to have a piercing.

As mentioned above, dental damage from piercings is common. Any jewelry in the mouth can bump against the teeth, wearing down enamel and/or causing damage. Bacteria can enter a tooth through miniscule cracks in the teeth made by contact with metal jewelry. This can lead to infection and the need for a root canal or extraction,

Some of the other complications of oral piercing include:

-A compromised airway due to inflammation of the tongue
-Impediments in speech
-The decreased ability to chew and swallow
-Extreme blood loss during piercing operation
-Gum tissue damage
-Increased saliva

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