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It can be easy to come away from many advertisements for antiseptic mouthwash brands with the impression that they are a perfect alternative to daily flossing. It is important to note that daily flossing is the most effective method for cleaning plaque and leftover food particles from between the teeth and gum line. Antiseptic mouthwashes are meant to compliment flossing and to be used at the end of your oral care routine to eliminate any lingering plaque causing bacteria and rinse away remaining food particles.

When you select a mouthwash, check the label for a couple of things. The first thing that you need to look for is to make sure the label specifies that the mouthwash is, in fact, an antiseptic. This is an important detail to note because not all mouthwashes contain antiseptic materials, and are meant only to freshen your breath. It’s important to select an antiseptic mouthwash to effectively kill bacteria that can lead to plaque development.

The second label item to look for is the Seal of Approval from the American Dental Association. What this seal means is that the ADA has done extensive research and testing on the product to make sure it is a safe and effective oral care product.

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