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To keep your smile safe against the risks of bad breath, it is important to be aware of underlying ailments or conditions that could be contributing to the disorder. Oftentimes, bad breath could be linked to another oral health problem that will need to be treated first before the bad breath can be eliminated.

Bad breath is a condition in which your body produces foul odors that emanate out of your mouth. Oftentimes, bad breath is not only the result of bacteria in your mouth, but it is also common with issues associated with liver and kidney problems or respiratory tract infections. Furthermore, if you partake in bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco or have poor oral hygiene due to a failure to brush and floss your teeth daily, you could be increasing your risk for bad breath. Bad breath can also be linked to medications that you may be taking, contaminated dentures, foods that you’re eating, the presence of dry mouth, or underlying oral health conditions such as gum disease or toothaches.

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