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Are you about to restore a severely decayed or damaged tooth with a root canal treatment? If so, you’re likely feeling a little anxious about the appointment. This is most likely because you don’t know much about the treatment. The more you know, the less nervous you might feel in the dental chair. Root canal treatment is a successful restorative treatment that can help your smile in many ways. Our dentist will take the following steps during your appointment:

Step No. 1: We will examine the tooth with dental X-rays and then will numb the tooth and surrounding gums with a local anesthetic. This can help you remain comfortable during the appointment. Our dentist will then surround the tooth with a rubber sheet to keep it dry and clean.

Step No. 2: We will make an opening in the surface of the tooth and will use very small instruments to remove the infected inner layers of the tooth, like the pulp. Our dentist will also use those same tools to clean and shape the inside of the tooth to make space for the filling.

Step No. 3: We will then place a rubber-like material in the tooth call gutta-percha as well as adhesive cement to ensure complete sealing. Then, we will close the tooth with a temporary dental filling.

Step No. 4: Our dentist will protect and fully restore the tooth during your last appointment by placing a dental crown over the tooth.

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