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Fillings are typically used to repair modest-sized cavities on teeth. Once they have been cemented or cured in place at Complete Dental Care, the filling can last for many years. As time goes on, the bacteria living in your mouth can attempt to weaken the connection between the filling and the surrounding healthy tooth enamel.

This process will be significantly accelerated by any inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene routine as it will bolster the bacterial population in your mouth. As time goes by, this could allow the bacteria to affect the connection and cause the filling to fall out completely.

In a situation like this, Drs. Plantz, Bartok, and Heifer might recommend the total restoration of the tooth enamel with a dental crown. This type of dental restoration will create a nearly perfect replica of the enamel layer of the tooth. It is often made from either porcelain, gold, or metallic alloy. The crown itself is hollow to allow it to be anchored on a pillar-shaped abutment of dentin that protects the core structures of the tooth.

Our team will make a detailed impression of the area after all the tooth enamel has been removed. The impression itself will be sent to our off-site dental lab where your new crown will be made.

A temporary crown will be secured over the abutment. This temporary crown does not actually restore the full function of the tooth. It is only meant to protect the abutment while you wait for your new crown to be ready.

One of our staff members will call you back in for a follow-up appointment when your new crown is ready. Once the temporary crown has been removed, our dentists will cement the crown onto the abutment with a strong dental adhesive.

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